I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I matured and got educated in North Carolina. And I created and built my professional career in Virginia. I am dj fountz. My career in radio began at 103 JAMZ in 2001. I was an intern for several months, and they loved me so much, they hired me part-time while I was still in college. Two months after that hiring, I graduated and I was given the full-time night spot on the old 92.1 The Beat (WBHH-FM). When that station’s format was flipped in 2004, the management team gave me the much-coveted afternoon slot on 103 JAMZ; I was named Music Director a year later, and I remained #1 for the 7 years that I had those positions. In 2011, a company-wide reduction in force pushed me to another radio company in Virginia Beach, but I was rehired at this cluster in 2013. Now I’m Assistant Program Director for 103 JAMZ and for 92.1 The Beat, Throwback Hip-Hop and R&B. You can hear me on The Beat weekdays from 2-7p as well as 103 JAMZ Saturdays from 2-5p and Sundays 3-7p. I’m not only an announcer either. I’ve been a dj since the mid-90’s and played at countless nightclubs, events, proms, weddings, etc. Through my radio shows and my exposure through the dj scene, I have been engaged with, and continue to be part of, an endless number of people’s lives. This business is not only what I do, it is who I am. I think that even with this very simple glance at my history, you can see that I’ve worked hard and I’ve achieved much. And now, I’d love to have the opportunity to do the same with you!